This is how it all began

On 4 November 1999, a young baby, Ray Sheng was born

to beautiful parents, Mummy and Daddy



A really driven and compassionate mother of the family which always keeps a lookout for her children. My mother is someone who I share a deep bond with. She works not just for her children but also to the community out there, helping others in the medical field.



A hardworker and engineer at heart, Daddy would always go out of his way to help fix and solve the problems around the family. Often surprises his kids with lovely presents, even til this age. Have really green fingers and grows a plantation at home!

As an athlete in and out of school, I've various interests in


Ranging from playing for NTU & Blacks Salibandy Floorball to playing competitive badminton for 12 years, I love to join triathlons, aquathons and duathlons! I love to challenge myself in many different ways and definitely love picking up new sports. This attitude brought myself to be able to play squash, tennis, handball and many other sports! Want to go for a run or play a sport, feel free to let me know :P

How I spent my 18 years on earth

This is my life

Always hungry for adventure, I explore this world...

  • Hatchday

    November 04, 1999

    On this day, young Ray Sheng came out of mummy's womb, only to find an adventure ahead of him. He was born with a muscle tissue stuck under his tongue which didn't allow him to stick his tongue out fully up til today, but it had never affected him much

  • Graduating from Primary School

    December 12, 2011

    After managing 3 CCA's for 6 years (Badminton, Band and Wushu), I realised it was Maris Stella that made me love sports so much. Didn't really do too well for PSLE but soon, I realised it really doesn't matter in the end, what matters comes ahead of myself.

  • Working at MacDonalds'

    November 04, 2014

    Yeap, the day I turned 14 (the legal working age), I took up a job at McDonalds'. I was really eager to work and get experience. Staying at home to study wasn't really what I wanted, I wanted to know how a MNC runs and gain experience.

  • Graduating from Secondary School

    December 28, 2015

    Using the Direct School Admission (DSA), I went to Maris Stella High (Secondary) and played badminton there. I nearly retained in Secondary 2 (was second last in the cohort) but managed to pull my grades up in the end. Unlike many students, I studied OSIE PE (now known as Sports Science) for my O Levels.

  • Graduating from Junior College

    December 12, 2017

    In Meridian Junior College (now known as TPMJ), I forged really strong friendships that would pull me through this phase with much joy and happiness. I took up Floorball here and found a sport that I really love. I had lots of fun without sacraficing much of my social life

  • Working at Grain

    January 22, 2018

    While waiting for University to begin, I took up a job as a Company Apprentice at a company that I used to work for 2 years ago (back when it was still a startup. Right now as a Small-Medium Enterprise, I had plenty of opportunities to learn and grow with the company. The welfare in Grain is really good and I really enjoyed my time there.

  • Starting University Life

    July 22, 2018

    From joining Sports Camp to Hall Camp and Faculty Camp, I have to definitely say that sports camp is truly the best camp. I had lots of fun there and the friends I make there makes up the core friends I have in University. What I love most about them? They're really steady!

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